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Vi är ​GOCS!

Emmanuel C. Iglesias




+46 704 71 23 81

Helen Alvarez


PT Nivå 4


+46 735 10 39 61


Joakim Kärrström


My name is Joachim Kärrström. I started my training career at a very young age and have tried several different sports, including wrestling, football, basketball and hockey. The form of exercise I really stuck to was cycling. I got a taste for road cycling at the age of 9 and started to compete when I turned 10 years old. 

I competed and trained in both road cycling and MTB until the age of 19, with great success. My cycling career took me to training camps and competitions abroad. Today I run my own full-time company as a personal trainer. It has also included training trips and adventure events. The training trips have focused on cycling, but there have also been elements of strength training, running, stretching, hiking and diet lectures. In addition to my individual company, I work as a group training instructor at SATS in cycling, cross training, senior training, etc. As shown above, exercise is a big part of my life and I want to share the great joy and happiness it gives! 

Annica Alm 


My name is Annica Alm. I work full time as a certified physiotherapist specializing in sports medicine as well as joint and muscle problems. Before taking an interest in the body, I worked as a lawyer for 10 years. Throughout my life, I have trained intensively and purposefully in many different sports. In addition to my full-time job, I teach yoga, Pilates and cycling but have previously been an instructor in a variety of concepts. This autumn I hope to complete my 5th Iron Man competition in Barcelona! Although I do not want to admit it out loud, I have an inner desire to someday qualify for Hawaii. Even if it means contributing in the age group over 80!

Martin McGuinness


My name is Martin and I’m a certified Personal Trainer and cross training instructor.

I originally come from Ireland. 

I wouldn’t say that I specialize in just one type of training but am fully experienced to help in different areas. I get a kick of joining people on their fitness journeys and watching them develop. Training in many forms has been a part of my life from a young age, from football, basketball, track & field to cross-country running to name a few. In my later years after I stopped playing football, I took running more seriously and have completed many distances up to half marathon distance. I have also completed several shorter triathlon races. Although my focus for my own training has shifted to more gym and strength training, I still enjoy getting out on the bike or for a run when I have time

Hector Lenis


My name is Hector Lenis. I´m originally from Colombia. Most of my life has revolved around training, for example I played volley and basketball in division 1 and football in the lower division. I have practiced athletics since I was 13 years old. My interest in training is, above all, to help and inspire people. Nowadays I work in social psychiatry and in the evenings, I lead classes of Zumba, core, Tabata, circle training, spinning and boxing. I´m a certified personal trainer and dietician. Also educated as a conversational therapist.


Valencia turismo

Tips, guide och info om provinsen Valencia.

Oliva Nova Resort

5-stjärnigt boende intill havet.

Golf, spa, gym etc.

Ciclos Benavent

Personlig service på din cykel. Uthyrning av BH G7 och Scott cyklar


Gobik wear

Cykelkläder och accessoarer.

Hög kvalitet, design och komfort.

Marco Ciclista

Cyklar, cykelkläder, tillbehör och reservdelar.